Harker, Stephanie

Stephanie J. Harker is a member of Protect Plummer Park, a small grassroots group of neighbors and local residents in West Hollywood, CA dedicated to saving historic Plummer Park.

The Grassroots Effort to Save Plummer Park

By Stephanie J. Harker
Protect Plummer Park

In the small City of West Hollywood, the council has seen fit, even in these difficult times, with California on the brink of bankruptcy, to push forward with a $41.3M renovation of historic Plummer Park. The plan includes gutting the park to install a $10Million underground parking structure, netting 69 extra spaces and necessitating the demolition of Great Hall/Long Hall, the only two WPA (President Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration) structures in the city and decimation of Fiesta Hall designed by noted architect, Henry L. Gogerty.