Gillett, Rev. Dick

Dick Gillett is an Episcopal priest, activist and author. Before moving to Seattle in 2007, he lived in Pasadena and was a board member of LAANE and of CLUE.

Behind the Stirring Among Low-Wage Workers

By Rev. Dick Gillett

Something is happening among our low-wage workers in America.

Is the ghost of the Occupy movement stirring?

Probably, but maybe more. In just one astonishing week recently, the Seattle Times—a newspaper not known for being pro-labor—featured worker protests either as the lead story or prominently in the paper:

  • On July 23 in the City of SeaTac, in a meeting jammed with workers and faith leaders, the city council reluctantly qualified a Good Jobs Initiative for the November ballot. The initiative would establish the city’s minimum wage at $15 an hour for hotel, restaurant workers and others, including workers at SeaTac airport.