Evans, Kelli

Kelli Evans is the Associate Director at the ACLU of Northern California.

A Little Kitchen Conversation

By Kelli Evans
ACLU Northern California

ACLU Nor Cal's Associate Director tells the story of how she responded when her 8-year-old daughter asked if lesbians were going to be banned and what would happen to their family.

Recently, I was at home making dinner with my eight-year-old daughter Kaden. As I cooked, she flipped through the mail on the kitchen counter with the curiosity that only eight-year-olds possess. One of the pieces of mail was from a local LGBT advocacy group, advertising an upcoming event. Although Kaden has two moms, one of whom (me) works as the Associate Director for the ACLU, she doesn't see the word "lesbian" in print all that often in her daily life. She's certainly heard the word plenty and because of my work is familiar with words and phrases many people don't learn until high school or later.  Words like equal protection, constitutional rights, and fundamental fairness.

Obama’s Re-Election Playbook Stark Contrast to Clinton’s

By Paul Hogarth

For well over a year, I’ve had this recurring nightmare that the 2012 election would be a repeat of 1996 – when Bill Clinton won re-election by adopting Republican policies and throwing progressives under a bus, leaving us absolutely nothing to hope for. When Barack Obama caved on the Bush tax cuts right in December 2010, and during the embarrassing debt ceiling fight in 2011, it certainly felt like history was indeed repeating itself. But a funny thing happened on the way to Obama’s re-election.