Ellis, Curtis

Curtis Ellis is Communications Director for The American Jobs Alliance, an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization. We are not affiliated with any candidate, political party, union, trade association or corporation.

Curbing Software Piracy Improves Economy, Adds Jobs

By Curtis Ellis
American Jobs Alliance

Recent surveys show that the vast majority of Californians believe software piracy – the illicit traffic in unlicensed information technology (IT) – is no different than stealing and that technology companies should have the ability to protect themselves under the law.

Even so, if you work at a non-IT job, your first instinct might be to think, “Piracy is a tech industry problem, not mine.” You could not be more wrong. Piracy is a major, multi-billion dollar problem that extends beyond the tech industry and drains money out of the state in many ways.

Overseas companies that use pirated software have an unfair advantage that enables them to underbid law abiding companies here and leads to the offshore outsourcing of jobs. Lost jobs and lost business profits ripple throughout our state’s economy, impacting jobs in every sector and robbing the state of revenue. It’s getting worse every year in the absence of assertive government action.