Driscoll, Julie

"Shared Sacrifice" at Hostess and Walmart That Isn't

By Julie Driscoll

As a proud union family - my husband has been a Teamster for almost 30 years - I put my boots on the ground for four weekends in Wisconsin, for a couple of protests in Lansing, Michigan, and for every pro-union rally that popped up in Chicago.

Two things stand out in recent days: Hostess closing its doors, and Wal-Mart's Black Friday worker strike. Hostess is a union shop, Wal-Mart is not (yet). But in both cases, CEOs are (or, at least in the case of Hostess, were) raking in the dough, while workers struggled, granted concessions, and gave up benefits and pay raises. Worker security was sacrificed on the altar of CEO mega-millions, and even mega-billions.

I'm sick of it.