Collins, Larry

Larry Collins fished commercially for salmon and Dungeness crab for 30 years before he helped start the San Francisco Community Fishing Association. He is PCFFA Vice-President, President of the San Francisco Crab Boat Owners Association, and as a vocal advocate for maintaining our Public Trust fisheries resources is regularly sought after for his opinions on Bay Area fisheries issues.

Salmon Fishermen Need San Joaquin Fish: They Belong in That River

Larry CollinsBy Larry Collins

San Francisco Community Fishing Association

Sixty years ago, when state and federal agencies built the dams that dewatered the second largest river in California, it might have seemed like a good idea. Now we know better. It was a disaster for salmon and salmon fishermen. Nearly 95 percent of San Joaquin’s flow was diverted. Sixty miles of river ran dry and the salmon – one of California’s most productive runs – was wiped out.

Since then, salmon fishermen have nearly been wiped out as well.