Block, Marty

Assemblymember Block represents California's 78th Assembly District.

Middle Class Scholarship Act Slashes Student Fees by Two-Thirds

By Assemblymember Marty Block

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly radio address, Assemblymember Marty Block (D-San Diego), Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, discusses the Middle Class Scholarship Act, a plan to make higher education accessible and affordable for middle class Californians. “Enacting the Middle Class Scholarship will take a lot of work,” said Block. “But with enough support from students, parents, and all Californians who depend on an educated workforce, it can become a reality.” AB 1501, half of the two-bill package that establishes the Middle Class Scholarship, was passed with a two-thirds, bipartisan vote in the Assembly this week.

The Middle Class Scholarship Act, introduced by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) would cut college fees at UC and CSU by two-thirds for students and families who are not eligible for financial aid. It also provides $150 million to help families send students to Community Colleges.