Assembly Budget Chair Blumenfield: Governor Ready to Leave Californians with IOUs Instead of Budget

Posted on 02 August 2010

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By Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly address, Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield (D-San Fernando Valley), Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, says the Governor’s comments this week that he is prepared to go without a state budget until he leaves office in January do nothing to move budget negotiations forward. With the State Controller warning the state may need to issue IOUs in August, Blumenfield tells listeners to call the Governor and let him know Californians need jobs, not IOUs.

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Hello, this is Assembly Budget Chair Bob Blumenfield of the San Fernando Valley.

This past week Governor Schwarzenegger said he was prepared to go without a state budget until he leaves office next January if the Legislature doesn’t give him what he wants before his term is over.

In point of fact, the Governor’s attitude of “If I don’t get my way, I’ll take my toys and go home” does nothing to move budget negotiations forward. 

Besides demanding that his priorities be at the center of any negotiations, the Governor persists in promoting his job killing budget proposal, which would all but doom California’s economic recovery. 

The Governor’s plan would cut 430,000 local government and education jobs, increase the state’s already historic twelve percent unemployment rate, cause thousands of small businesses to fail and further downgrade California schools. 

And his proposed massive cuts to California’s social services safety net programs would cost the state over five billion dollars in federal funds.

Rather than put forward a plan of their own, the Republican legislators have fully embraced the Governor’s budget plan.

But the Governor and legislative Republicans need to remember that reality doesn’t go away just because you stop believing in it.

And the reality is that the State Controller John Chiang has already warned that if the budget stalemate isn’t resolved soon, August may see the return of IOUs.  The controller says that by August, his office may not be able to pay, among other things, school districts for certain programs, local governments or vendors for services.

In sharp contrast to the budget positions of the Governor and legislative Republicans, the Assembly Democrats are united behind a budget plan that would help California, not hurt it; that would keep 430,000 people employed; fully fund local schools and higher education; help small businesses; keep five billion dollars in federal matching funds coming to California and provide a massive bump to the state’s economic recovery.

So please call the Governor at 916-445-2841 and let him know California needs jobs, not IOUs.

Instead of holding out a list of demands, the governor needs to work constructively on a balanced, responsible budget.

I’m Assembly Budget Chair Bob Blumenfield.

Thank you for listening.